Inviting guests for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea, as a rule, agree in person, by phone or in writing, indicating the date and time. Make recommended a few days to visit beforehand to prepare for the meeting. If for some reason one of the invitees could not come, he shall notify this host in advance. But he was not obliged to give detailed explanations, and bosses better not find out the reason for denial with prejudice.

Come on a visit to just the specified time, the masters, and sooner for 5-15 min. The delay has always been considered a rather flagrant violation of etiquette, an embarrassment to the owners themselves and other guests. And it is totally unacceptable, when late, for example, the owner himself.

Your missing the guest can not wait for more than 15 minutes and invite everyone to the table.

If guests are already seated at the table, late to go to the hostess or host and apologize. The hosts did not rise from their seats and did not find out the cause delays guest, but only show it at his place at the table.

In order to give the guests a good mood, very welcoming and friendly it is important to meet them.

Meet the guests, usually with the master or mistress of one of them. Greeting guest, the hosts welcome anyone looking into his eyes, friendly smile. When guests come to a husband and wife, the first to greet the host's wife - at first with the owner, then with his wife, and then her husband - first with the wife of the owner. If you invited many guests, not necessarily all to acquaint with each other: it is enough to provide all the newcomer, calling his name and patronymic and surname. It is possible to mention the "my colleague", "my brother", etc.

In turn, the newcomer does not necessarily greet each arm. Suffice it to do all the general bow his head.

When the guests had already gathered more than half, you can offer them, especially in hot weather, chilled juices, other soft drinks, cocktails.

In this time, guests can in a relaxed atmosphere to talk, to get acquainted with each other.

By the way, when meeting the first woman holds out her hand. If it does not hold out his hands, not to compel her to do so.

Waiting for an invitation to the table, the men, except for the elderly, as a rule, cost, and women can sit.

When will gather all the guests, the owner or the owner invites them to the table.



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