What is Slow-food?

All we know is rare when something is both fashionable and useful. But it is - something else. This is the exact opposite of fast food. Slow-food -- a return to a culture of food to its roots. This means that food should be consumed with pleasure, without being distracted by urgent business, calls, view TV.

It was dominated by the principle: the main thing - not the quantity but the quality of what you ate. Particularly pleased that this concept implies the right approach to the selection of food - fresh, without preservatives, environmentally and genetically pure. For example, instead of servings of potato-fries, or instead of semi-finished product in the spirit of "heating and eating" or "diluted with water and drink it is better to eat a small amount of cheese with mold and several apples.

Slow-food - Food not just for a meal or just meet the physiological needs, and for pleasure. It is also a complete rejection of the use of genetically modified foods. And thanks to the efforts of Greenpeace and the Movement Slow-food, organized in Italy, the producers of GMOs required to make notes about them on the packaging. It is also a revival of eating local food.

It all started very well. In 1989, the center of Rome, in a historic building, was to open McDonald's ... Then the proud Romans rioted and organized a protest. Italian journalist Carlo Petrini decided to develop this idea further and to combine gourmet, fast food opponents and fans homemade food. Symbol of the same ideas became snail - a slow delicacy.

Concept Slow-food many people, and not only in Italy's liking: natural products, prepared as simple ways, the lack of artificial flavors, stabilizing additives - what the doctor ordered! In general, it appears, and "slow food" can be prepared quite quickly! After all, as man would not hurry to work, he still made himself coffee, cut sandwiches and preparing a quick mess. If you stand for five minutes earlier, you can please yourself, for example, a light salad, toast with tomato, mozzarella and basil leaves and a porridge of several kinds of cereal with nuts and raisins? And who of us remember such a long tradition as family dinners? It is for these feasts can talk with homemade heart to heart, to listen each other. Nothing is no longer binds the family and, therefore, helps to come to an understanding. A dinner with a favorite (th)? Light exciting appetizers, a glass of good wine, inspire a certain way, a reminder of the everyday bustle and restore passion in the relationship.


So, let us remember the wise words that have to slow, and food should be thoroughly chewed. And the more carefully it is done, the better it will assimilated at each stage of digestion. This means that our digestive tract will function as accurately tuned mechanism, and we are not afraid no heartburn, heaviness, swelling in the abdomen and the other, so loved television advertising problems. And the slower we eat, the more likely leave our body time to recover and to signal the brain about satiety, ie Eat slowly - less than overeating. And in this case as a bonus Our efforts to obtain slender figure!

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