How not to gain weight in winter?

zdfgIt's no secret that in winter we tend to gain extra pounds, and in summer they lose. This is a normal process. However, with a few tricks, this process can be made less noticeable and harmless.

1. More sunshine

Lack of sunlight reduces the production of the hormone serotonin, resulting in not only spoil your mood, mood, and increases desire to eat something tasty. Exit - try as much as possible to visit the open air in daytime. Go out on the street even when overcast, it is still better than sitting in the room.

2. Do not exclude from their diet carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are needed to maintain the level of serotonin in the norm. The most problematic when serotonin levels starts to decrease and body requires sweet - this is the end of the day, around 4-5 hours. It was at this time and need to give your body what it requires, ie Useful carbohydrates: whole - bread, sweet fruits, starchy vegetables. Sometimes you can pamper yourself with dark chocolate.

3. Do not forget fruits and vegetables
You may think that vegetables are not so useful in winter as in summer, or at least fresh. However, according to Brazilian scientists, the use of dark-green vegetables and orange fruit helps to reduce weight in the autumn-winter period. This also means that in the cold season, these fruits and vegetables will prevent recruitment of extra pounds. Include in your diet broccoli, carrots, cabbage, oranges, spinach and various greens.

4. More fresh air
It's no secret that in the cold season we have less than we are in the street, and as we would not want our level of physical activity decreases.

As a result is a slight increase in weight. Try more to go on foot, rather than sitting at home watching television. This is not only useful for the figures, but in general health.

5. Photograph what you eat
Logging products helps in the fight against excess weight, but keep records - it is long and boring. There is an alternative - you can take pictures what you eat. Thus, you see how often you are tempted to buns and sweets, how often you eat vegetables and fruits. This will help to adjust their diet, eat more correctly and most importantly to control himself.

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