Small secrets of vinegar.

Vinegar, infused in hot red pepper, makes salads, sauces, marinades special piquancy. Peretz must take the bitter pepper. Suitable other varieties of hot pepper, such as red cayenne, round vishneobrazny or Hungarian yellow. Peppers first two grades, because of their strong zhguchesti, you take less: 5-10 pods enough to get 0,5 l 6% vinegar.

For preparation of aromatic vinegar take 100 grams of vinegar essence, throw it in 2.5 liter of boiled water, put the tarragon, dill or celery (250 g), bay leaf bowl tightly and leave for 10-15 days for the infusion, and then filtered. Vinegar can insist on the lemon peel, celery, leaves blackcurrant, Anton apples, etc.

Vinegar should be stored in a glass vessel with a tight lid zavinchennoy in a cool room at a temperature of 5-15 °.

To the vinegar does not deteriorate, it must be put in a corked bottle in the water, boil for 20-30 minutes and allow it to cool in the same water.

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