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At lunch you prefer to eat a salad of green leaves, and at dinner with maniacal tenacity order carpaccio? No doubt, you -- adept popular theory today, raw food diet.

This method of cooking (or rather, uncooked) foods has recently become just a cult. Every self-respecting restaurant can offer at any time, the beef carpaccio, tartare of tuna, salmon SEVICHE ...

Fashion on eating food raw introduced, as usual, the Americans. Raw food diet is very quickly taken hold among gourmets and love with all who dream lose weight. Well, yes, in terms of the invention Diets America - in front of the entire planet. So really there anything surprising? More diet, diet less ... Yes, but what! Some particularly ardent adherents claim that only raw food leads to a healthier body and spirit. Increase stamina, resistance to saying where every corner stress is growing before our eyes, and even a chance that ... increase the length of the penis. How can you not be tempted!

In Europe, the public reacts more calmly. Whether culinary traditions endured, or the conservatism of the Old World makes itself felt. Nutritsiologi divided into two camps: those who favor and those against. Proponents of raw foods as the main argument put forward commitment to healthy lifestyles. After all, raw food diet to avoid the unpleasant effects of the two heat treatment: making healthy fatty acids into harmful fats and destruction of amino acids and vitamins. Many nutrients, alas, do not stand up to high temperatures. Particularly affected are vitamin C and B1. Spinach, for instance, loses heat treated to 45% of useful substances.

But not so simple. Proponents of cooking is that the answer to opponents. First, many products are easier to digest in boiled or stewed form. The same potatoes not recommend a raw, no dietician. In addition, some useful substances high temperatures are only in favor of: Lycopene, present in tomatoes, a powerful antioxidant, a formidable weapon in the fight against cancer, much better absorbed from the roasted tomatoes. And egg whites assimilated by 51% if the raw egg, and by 91% if it is boiled.
High temperatures have another extremely positive property: destroy all harmful bacteria, which, especially in summer, tend to multiply.


However, those who feed raw food, try to comply with the required Code of Conduct. Meat and vegetables is cut by various knives and chopping at the individual boards, fresh foods do not stay long in the refrigerator, vegetables are washed with water and vinegar. Yes, and there is always the opportunity to cheat: Tartarus Salmon, for example, usually served with lemon juice. Acid disinfects the fish and makes the protein digestibility.

Raw food diet is becoming closer to the people. Judge for yourself: Who would have thought a few years ago that the products marked "organic" or "bio" flooded supermarket shelves? So far off that day that we find in the same pie with carrots or cheese from sesame seed. In the meantime, why not make little place raw vegetables and fruits in our diet? More vitamins, from this does not become worse! Maybe a kilogram or two will drop together. Scientifically proven fact: if you have as a snack raw vegetables, that feeling of saturation is faster and overall calorie eaten ourselves automatically reduced. Try, Scales suddenly go off to a steep peak?

Explain the fashion for such culinary trend can be simple. First, we are driven by thirst for everything exotic. Sushi, SEVICHE ... sounds mysterious and stylish. Secondly, all in a natural fashion. The idea to eat something not processed at all or at most minimal degree is usually attractive. Closer to nature: the fashion of love for all natural imposed, mind you, just in urban areas. Thirdly, a subconscious desire for efficiency. Japan in many respects at a height? So let us have sashimi! Power of the sea and the Japanese business effectiveness in one bottle. And why not? Fourth, the raw food diet - The embodiment of the avant-garde. Fast, easy, efficient, superproduktivno. Culinary act minimized.

The ends of the extremes

Fashion on eating food raw leads sometimes to the oddities, one of which was the direction "instinktoterapiya" created a kind Guy-Claude Burger. The point is simple: eat as our ancestors did. Organic products, raw, not mixed with other products, not spiced with no sauce. At instinktoterapii sessions, held in a French chateau Montrame, fans of this theory going around the huge table filled with vegetables, fruit, raw meat and fish. Everyone should be instinctively choose the product which demanded the body. Thus, one admirers signified diets managed to eat for two days, one hundred and fifty eggs. It would be funny if these experiments did not lead health problems of participants. Now Guy-Claude Burger sits in jail: he was sentenced for illegal medical practice. A meeting of followers in the castle instinktoterapii continues ...

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