I decided to lose weight? Train mistakes!

So what if you had repeatedly tried to lose weight and you do not get? How do you know, maybe you were wrong? All you have now need is accurate knowledge, confidence in the success and energetic spirit. But first ... Look and realize their mistakes!

Should lose weight in any case, if the weight is different from the ideal

It's not quite true. From the standpoint of medical weight loss shows if there are clearly associated with obesity disease. Most of this arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis and / or diabetes mellitus. Weight Loss may be desirable in cases where there is every reason to fear the development of these diseases (advanced age, marked obesity, fat distribution of male pattern). If a person is young, healthy, has a slight excess of weight, which suits him, some doctors may not insist on mandatory weight loss.

If we are to lose weight, so to lose weight

If the excess weight around 20-30 pounds, then there is no sense in reducing the weight of only 5.6 kilograms
This is not so. From a medical point of view a very significant improvement in health can be achieved even at lower body weight by 5-10% from baseline. In fact, most often it is those most 5.6 kilograms.

Udet pointless, because even losing weight, still later potolsteesh
We are talking about many well-known phenomenon of extremely high retsidiviruemosti overweight. Indeed, if you do not take any measures to protect Rights to re-set weight, then restored to their original weight, and almost inevitably occurs after an average of 6-12 months. But if you take, the number of cases of successful weight maintenance increases considerably.

To blame genetics. If parents are obese, weight gain is almost inevitable
Indeed, such a person at least inclined to corpulence. A set of extra pounds he more likely than the average. But if the person will comply so-called regime nezhirogennogo nutrition, weight gain he might not be how much he would not have been inclined to corpulence. Conversely, if the power of person very zhirogenno, he can recover even without the entirety of any inclination.

People get fat because they eat a lot
This is not so. Special studies found that most overweight people eat an average of less than, or at least no more than most thin.

The whole blame for the fact that people are full of food, as an alcoholic with vodka. They consume and when they no longer needed. In fact, overweight people should be treated just like alcoholics and drug addicts
Despite the popularity of such ideas, there are several inconsistencies. Food, unlike drugs or vodka, is a collection of essential to metabolic factors. Without food the body can not live long. Denial of food brings people absolutely legitimate suffering. The problem, rather another. Trying again and again to reduce its food and every time leaping, full of people begin to fear food, and fear itself. We develop the so-called food neurosis. Exit? First calm down, and secondly, to realize that the necessary restructuring of the food must be handled wisely. Therefore, no need to appoint a diet, which can not withstand one. Unless of course you are trying to lose weight, and not to prepare a scout in one of African countries. Third, a very large class of so-called nezhirogennyh products that you can have your heart's content without the risk of recover. By nezhirogennym among other things include bread, pasta and cereals, as well as lean meat, fish and dairy products.

The more unbearable diet, the more it is effective
This is a fairly common misconception. Indeed, choosing a diet, we primarily focus on how much mental energy it we consuming.

I believe that the more the better. However, it is not right - on the effectiveness of diets can speak only if it can make the majority of patients. Caloric intake and satiety, it is not quite the same. There are not very high-calorie, but very hearty regimes and, conversely, nesytny half-starved regime may be quite high in calories. Finally, the body has the ability to reduce energy consumption in response to reducing calorie intake. It turns out that often painful dietary regimes do not produce adequate results.

Lose weight hampered by a lack of willpower
This is not so. Most overweight people have the experience of fasting until a day or more. Few thin can boast that more hungry days.

The method of weight loss better than a larger number of kilograms can reset in less time
This is not so. If a person drops more than 3 kg per month, along with fat, so it loses a lot of unacceptable fatty tissues - muscle, liver, immune system. An exception is the first month of the diet, when the weight loss due to excretion of excess water may be somewhat greater. Talking about the effectiveness method of weight loss is meaningless without taking into account its tolerability and safety.

All the evil in the dinner. If we could not eat after 6 pm, would be lost without any diet
The idea to abandon dinner at dieters are very popular. Nevertheless, this measure does not usually bring the desired effect. Biorhythm man built so that in the first half of the day it is easier to consume energy, and the second is easier to accumulate. Attempts to ban the evening meal led to insurmountable starvation and disruption. Supper can. The only thing we must try, that would be the evening meal was nezhirogennoy.

From flour and sweet get fat
This is not so. There are numerous studies showing that if the food is very low in fat, people at least not get better with practice any consumption of starchy foods and sweets. The conclusion about the principal nezhirogennosti carbohydrates is central in modern nutrition. Based vysokouglevodnyh, but plain, lowfat diets can build an effective and easily portable modes of weight maintenance.

Vegetable oil is uniquely useful
This is not so. Vegetable oils, which we commonly call the "lean", actually contain about 97-98% fat. This is a very zhirogennye products. Although it should be noted that vegetable oils, unlike animal fats, does not accelerate the development of atherosclerosis.

Can do without the diet, if we use a special massage, acupuncture, or psychotherapy
Unequivocally proved that consistent and predictable weight loss in obese patients can be called only by specially selected mode nutrition. All other methods of treatment, at best, or increase the effectiveness of the diet, or improve its portability.

Physical stress uniquely contributes to weight loss. If you do exercises, you can lose weight without any diet
This is not so. Physical stress, which can perform the majority of people, lead to weight loss only if the patient while dieting. There research showing that improper load leads to weight gain rather than to reduce it.

Temperate eating enough to not recover
This is not so. It was established in special studies, increased weight can be observed with a moderate diet, if the proportion of fat in it than 50% of the total calories. Generally, if you've noticed an increase in fat content of food does not add him to satiety. It seems that eating in moderation, even golodnovato, the weight increases.

Application of diuretics and laxatives accelerate the process of weight loss
This is not so. These funds only stimulate the excretion of water and in no way contribute to more intense waste of fat. It is important to remember that use of diuretics and laxatives, without proper justification is very harmful for the body.

Success in weight reduction is possible only if one understands the situation, makes an adequate effort, subordinating their diet and lifestyle target goals and if he is consistent.

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